The “Schulz-Effect”: Socialists lose first election under his leadership

Following the sudden ascendance of Martin Schulz as their new leader, Social Democrats in Germany have gone through a  delirium of optimism, hoping that the former EP President’s “popularity” and “leadership” would boost their chances to win the national elections in September. The media wrote about “Saint Martin”, “Martin the Saviour”, and of a “Schulz-Effect” – and opinion polls suggested that the Social Democrats were now ahead of Angela Merkel’s CDU. Only last week Schulz was elected the new president of the Socialist Party with 100% of delegates’ votes.

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Germany: Federal Administrative Court declares euthanasia legal in “extreme and exceptional cases”

Bad MedicineThe creeping progress of the Culture of Death has made an important leap forward in Germany, where the Bundesverwaltungsgericht (BVerwG, Federal Administrative Court) issued a decision that declares euthanasia to be legal in “extreme and exceptional cases”, without defining them. This opens the door to a new slippery slope, at the bottom of which one surely will discover that every case is somehow “extreme” and “exceptional”.
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The “Kapo” runs for Chancellor: Martin Schulz is (once again) a “Spitzenkandidat”

Bilder des Tages Berlin, Pressekonferenz, Thema: Landtagswahl in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Blumenübergabe und Pressestatements mit Sigmar Gabriel und Erwin Sellering, Foto: Martin Schulz, Präsident des Europäischen Parlamentes, Europabeauftragter der SPD Images the Day Berlin Press conference Theme Landtag election in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania Flower delivery and Press statements with Sigmar Gabriel and Erwin Selle ring Photo Martin Schulz President the European Parliament the SPDThere had been some speculations, but ultimately the situation comes as a big surprise: Sigmar Gabriel, the leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) has decided to step aside and open the way for Martin Schulz, the power-greedy ex-President of the European Parliament, to run as the Socialist “Spitzenkandidat” (lead candidate) in the upcoming federal elections in September. The man whose career took full steam thanks to Silvio Berlusconi casting him as an SS guardian in a film on Nazi concentration camps is now going to be Angela Merkel’s challenger. Continue reading