Lesbian Lunacek to leave EP

Lunacek, head of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union, arrives to a news conference in TegucigalpaUlrike Lunacek (Greens), openly lesbian EP Vice-President notorious for her abortion-and-sodomy militantism, is going to leave the European Parliament. She will return to her native Austria to be the Green Party’s “lead candidate” (Spitzenkandidat) in the upcoming national elections. Continue reading


Germany’s leading homo-campaigner resigns from all political offices

Volker Beck, Germany’s leading “LGBT” politician, has resigned all political functions and mandates after being caught with illegal drugs.

The mass media, eager to come to the defence of the homo-agenda, inform us that “at least he did not resist the police control”.

Mr. Beck, who is on record (inter alia) for having called for the full and unrestricted legalization of sexual relations between children and adults (a stance he later tried to deny with rather spurious arguments, claiming that his editor had manipulated a text of which he figured as the single author), justified his being in possession of illegal drugs by saying that he had “always been in favour of a liberal drug policy”. The important hing, it seems, is to be consistent with oneself.

Unsurprisingly, this man was the “expert on human rights” of the Green Party’s parliamentary group  in the Bundestag, until his involvement in the promotion of pedophilia became known to the wider public. He then lost that portfolio, and instead became his Party’s expert on “interior affairs and religion”, a position he now loses.

The LGBT-lifestyle claims another prominent victim.

Green politicians and gender parity

bundesparteitag-gruene-simone-peter-und-cem-oezdemir-als-gruenen-parteichefs-wiedergewaehltThe rest of the world may worry about the economy, the Euro, immigration, terrorism, or the wars in Syria and Ukraine, but the Green Party in Germany, always on the cutting edge of politics, has bigger fish to fry.

This week the Party had its annual convention, and what was the key decision that made it into all the mass media?

Gender-neutral language. Continue reading