European Parliament to honour Europe’s most iconic abortionist

simone-veil5.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x724The European Parliament will today hold a special ceremony to honour recently-deceased French politician Simone Veil. The many tributes being paid to Mrs Veil focus on her survival of the holocaust to go on to be elected the first President of the directly-elected European Parliament in 1979. They conveniently ignore the fact that this is the woman who legalised abortion in France. Continue reading


The sorry state of the European Parliament following Marin Schulz’s term as President

Now that Martin Schulz is at last gone, the battle for his succession is in full heat. No wonder: the German bulldozer has managed to transform the role of the President of the EP from one in which the incumbent is to ensure that all debates and procedures take place in an orderly and serene way and everyone is treated fairly into one where the President is assuming disproportionate powers, as if he were some kind of head of government. As President, Schulz used all the means that were at his disposal to aggrandize himself, distributing jobs, functions and budgets to his cronies and allies, and limiting the speaking time and access to resources of those who were out of his favour. Given that the Parliament in theory consists of 750 equals, the power he accumulated was quite extraordinary. It is unsurprising that the job that he has re-shaped in this way is now coveted by other politicians of his ilk, such as Continue reading

“Pro-european” ALDE to enter into marriage of convenience with Italian Europhobes?

brussels-751653-400x240Politics is a dirty business, and at times one has to co-operate even with those whose fundamental convictions one does not share. But there are of course limits to that – and whoever transgresses them will risk losing his political capital.

Just who will deplete his capital in the horse-trading deal that is currently making headlines, the possible adhesion of Italy’s “Movimento 5 stelle” to the European Parliament’s wannabe “liberal” ALDE Group, is not yet quite clear. Continue reading