“Universal Periodic Review”: How radical groups seek to enforce new “rights” that nobody has ever recognized

ILGA Europe, the sodomy-and-gender-perversion lobby lavishly funded by the European Commission and George Soros, has released a report that explains how the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism is used at the UN to promote new “LGBT rights” that actually have never been internationally recognized and therefore have no basis in international law.  Continue reading

It is important that Britain stays in the EU, gay lobby says…

Ben_Howlett,_2015_hustingsA British MP close to the gay lobby has gone public with an article in which he says that one of the main reasons why Britain should remain in the European Union is that the EU is imposing legislation that favours sodomy in Europe and world-wide:

“Indeed, we should point out that domestic legislation is still not good enough in many EU countries. While great progress has been made on discrimination in employment, for example, other countries still differ on issues like same-sex marriage. Groups such as ILGA-Europe are hugely influential in advocating equal rights in all EU countries. It is because of these strong, united voices that we are able to convince the EU to put anti-discrimination at the heart of its agenda – the European Parliament is now pushing to extend legal recognition of same-sex unions to all EU member states, something I am sure we can all agree is long overdue.”

Stop distorting democracy, petition tells EU

political ventriloquismThe European Commission and the EU Ombudsman get a lot of mail these days: a petition is asking them to set an end to the funding of the LGBT-lobby group ILGA Europe. The group, which for many years was refused accreditation at the UN due to its links to pedophile networks, gets 70% of its operational budget as a direct grant from the European Commision. This money is used for renting office space, paying salaries, and whatever else ILGA wants to do with it – without any link to any project that is demonstrably in the interest of European citizens. It is, in short, a free gift.

It goes by itself that the political competitors of ILGA, i.e. groups defending the right of children to grow up in a healthy environment consisting of an intact family receive no such support from the Commission.

You may sign here.


EU Court: application to prevent ECI “Mum Dad & Kids” is inadmissible

Following our recent post on ILGA-Europe’s strategy against the pro-family and pro-marriage citizens’ initiative “Mum Dad & Kids”, we have now received information confirming that one important part of this strategy has indeed been implemented … and failed.

As it appears from a notice published on the website of the Court of Justice of the EU, the Court has received an application requesting the annulment of the European Commission’s decision to register “Mum Dad & Kids”, but has declared it “manifestly inadmissible”. Continue reading

And here it is: ILGA-Europe’s secret strategy against the pro-family ECI “Mum Dad & Kids”!

This document was found on the website of a “Gay Rights” lobby group from Northern Ireland, where it had apparently been put without heeding the request of the ILGA strategists to keep it secret:

(you can click on it to enlarge)

Nigra Capture


Several questions come to mind:

  • Has the Commission replied to ILGA’s complaint letter? If so, what?
  • Did Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans, who is known to entertain close links with the homo-lobby, accord them the meeting they requested? If so, what was the outcome? Are there any written records of that meeting?
  • Has the group “Certi Diritti” actually filed a complaint with the CJEU? If so, has this complaint already been communicated to the European Commission?
  • Should the European Commission continue financing 80% of the operative budget of a group that is collecting information on EU citizens with the apparent purpose of a defamatory campaign? Can ILGA’s actions be justified by their spurious claim to be working for “equality and non-discrimination”?