Amnesty International ordered to pay back money illegaly received from George Soros

Amnesty international is abortion internationalGeorge Soros‘s activities to promote what he calls “human rights” continue making negative headlines. In Ireland, where yet another attempt is currently being made to overturn the country’s constitutional protections for the Right to Life of unborn children, Amnesty International (which once upon a time was a renowned human rights NGO, but thanks to bribes from Soros and similar ‘benefactors’ has been transformed into a particularly aggressive pro-abortion lobby) has been ordered by the  Standards in Public Office Commission to pay back  a €137,000 grant received from Soros’ Open Society Foundations to finance a pro-abortion campaign in view of the upcoming referendum. Continue reading “Amnesty International ordered to pay back money illegaly received from George Soros”


Ireland: new attempt to overturn constitutional protections for unborn life

imageFollowing the introduction of sodo-“marriage” through a referendum in 2015, the – logical next step for the promoters of the culture of death in Ireland is to seek to overturn the explicit constitutional protection for unborn life in the Irish Constitution. To this purpose, the government has set up an ideologically biased so-called “Citizens’ Assembly”, which, consisting mainly of radical anti-life activists – has come up with the recommendation that the Eighth Constitutional Amendment, which obliges the State to protect and vindicate the life of unborn children, should be overturned. Such a step backward in human rights protection would be loudly applauded by the mass media and many politicians in Ireland and abroad – yet even now, even after the moral aberration of sodo-“marriage” has been accepted, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, an openly declared homosexual, feels unsure whether the electorate will go along when it comes to legalizing abortion.

The referendum is expected to take place in March or April 2018.

Ireland: sodomite wants to take over

leo_2In stark contrast to the whining of the LGBT-lobby, the influence of openly professed sexual perverts seems to keep increasing in the EU, securing them a share of political power that by far exceeds their numbers. While Berlin and Paris were the first major cities to have openly sodomite politicians as mayors, Germany had a gay foreign minister, the early-deceased Guido Westerwelle, who caused considerable embarassment by taking his “partner” (not “spouse”, as Germany does not provide for sodo-“marriage”) along on his diplomatic missions. Luxembourg was the first country to have a sodo-“married” Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel.

Now it’s Ireland’s turn. Leo Varadkar, the Minister for Social Protection, is clearly the media favourite to take over the Fine Gael (EPP) party leadership from Taoiseach Enda Kenny who announced his resignation Wednesday. ​ Continue reading “Ireland: sodomite wants to take over”

Ireland: “Citizens’ Assembly” makes radical proposals to legalize baby-slaughtering

the_rock_of_cashel_ireland_europe-t2Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny is coming closer to his objective of destroying the moral texture of Irish society. Two years after the constitutional referendum that re-defined marriage as a union of “two persons” (thus opening it to the absurd notion of a “marriage” between persons of the same sex), his next target is the abolition of the constitutional protections for the right to life of the weakest and most helpless members of society, unborn children. Continue reading “Ireland: “Citizens’ Assembly” makes radical proposals to legalize baby-slaughtering”

CoE´s “Human Rights Commissioner” wants Ireland to cancel unborn children´s right to life

The Council of Europe’s “Human Rights Commissioner” Nils Muižnieks (a former director of the Soros Foundation) has claimed that Ireland’s 2013 Abortion Act is still too restrictive and has a “chilling” effect on doctors who must decide who meets its requirements.

Mr Muižnieks made his criticisms of Ireland’s abortion law in a report covering a range of human rights issues in Ireland. Continue reading “CoE´s “Human Rights Commissioner” wants Ireland to cancel unborn children´s right to life”

Ireland: Citizens’ Assembly submissions overwhelmingly support 8th Amendment

the_rock_of_cashel_ireland_europe-t2The current government of the Republic of Ireland, staunchly anti-family and anti-life, is currently seeking to overturn the so-called “8th Amendment”, through which the following wording has been inserted in the country’s constitution back in 1983:

The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.
For that purpose, a “Citizens’ Assembly” has been created in order to discuss the matter and receive submissions from citizens. But it turns out that a strong majority of those participating in the process actually are in favour of keeping the provision as it is, rather than changing it. So, if the Constitution finally will be changed, that will not happen in order to satisfy a wish coming from the population, but rather as a result of some political horse-trading.

Continue reading “Ireland: Citizens’ Assembly submissions overwhelmingly support 8th Amendment”