Report shows increased religious persecution in 2016 bi-annual Religious Freedom Report for 2016 of Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) reveals that religious persecution continues to rise across the world. The report, covering the period 2014-2016 demonstrates that Christianity is the most persecuted faith around the world: more than 330 million Christians live in countries where they are persecuted and a further 60 million Christians suffer various forms of discrimination. Continue reading

ISIS persecution of Christians and Yazidis is a GENOCIDE, European Parliament says

ISIS-Genocide...The European Parliament has today adopted a Resolution on systematic mass murder by ISIS, condemning the ongoing atrocities in the Middle East and explicitly acknowledging that “the so-called ‘ISIS/Da’esh’ commits genocide against Christians and Yazidis, and other religious and ethnic minorities.” By unequivocally recognizing the systematic persecution as genocide, the European Parliament urges the international community to act to stop the killing.  Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo continues spreading hatred and slander

The status of “victims” does not justify just everything. 12 persons were killed in the Islamist attacks against Charlie Hebdo, but apparently the survivors have learned nothing. They seem to believe that the answer they must give to hatred and intolerance is hatred and intolerance – not only against Islam, but against everyone who does not share their narrow-minded metaphysical blindness. Continue reading