Juncker misbehaves

On substance he is right, but the language is inappropriate. Will on a next occasion the European Parliament retaliate, and qualify the Commission as ridiculous? Certainly there is every now and then a good occasion for doing so… this will not improve the relationships between two key EU institutions.

Juncker’s “White Paper”: an occasion to neutralize the EU bureaucracy with regard to social issues

whitepaper-layout-en-20-p1-normalIn order to get the EU back on track following the Brexit vote and against the backdrop of a growing frustration among citizens, Jean-Claude Juncker has presented a new “White Paper” to initiate a new debate on the Union’s future. In it, the Commission President sketches out five possible scenarios. Very remarkably, for the first time such a paper offers for consideration the possibility of a “leaner” version  of the EU in which certain competences would be returned to Member States, and the EU institutions by consequence would stop interfering in areas where they are not able to provide real added value. Continue reading “Juncker’s “White Paper”: an occasion to neutralize the EU bureaucracy with regard to social issues”

Transparency International condemns EU “revolving door” for lobbyists

La porte tambour du bâtiment Charlemagne de la CE, avec le logo de la commission et le reflet du bâtiment BerlaymontThe EU advocacy office of Transparency International, an NGO committed to combating corruption in government and international organisations, has released a report aimed at exposing the phenomenon of a “revolving door” between EU institutions and the lobby industry. The report highlights cases of senior EU decision-makers moving directly into lobbying positions. Continue reading “Transparency International condemns EU “revolving door” for lobbyists”

EU Parliament seeks to veto Trump’s Ambassador to EU

https://i1.wp.com/cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/78/590x/Malloch-734670.jpgThe new centre-right coalition ruling the European Parliament since the start of 2017 is seeking to block US President Donald Trump’s expected nomination as US Ambassador to the EU, economist and author Ted Malloch, claiming that it is unacceptable to accredit an ambassador to the EU that has openly declared he wants to destroy the Union. Continue reading “EU Parliament seeks to veto Trump’s Ambassador to EU”

Report reveals majority of EU laws agreed in secret

13185478875-f58448c014-zDocuments obtained by Brussels-based news service EUobserver reveal that the majority of EU laws passed in 2016 were agreed behind closed doors in secret meetings between the European Parliament and national governments. This is against a backdrop of EU claims to be the most transparent legislator in the world, and an increasing crisis of confidence among EU citizens. Continue reading “Report reveals majority of EU laws agreed in secret”