Maltese “Christian Democrats” cave in to LGBT lobby

0Displaying the same lack of backbone in face of the powerful LGBT lobby as conservative parties across the EU, the Maltese National Party (NP) has signalled its intent to go along with the Labour Government’s planned introduction of same-sex “marriage” in Malta. Continue reading “Maltese “Christian Democrats” cave in to LGBT lobby”


Malta: Catholic Archbishop promotes Same-sex “civil unions”. And what about Sodo-“marriage”?

archbishop_charles_scicluna_810_500_55_s_c1Grave scandal in Malta, a small country not so long ago considered a bulwark of Christianity, in which the slaughtering of babies was (and still is) strictly forbidden, and divorce didn’t exist (it has been introduced just a few years ago). But the country’s two bishops, Charles Scicluna of Malta and Mario Grech of Gozo, seem determined to change this.

As LifeSiteNews reports, Archbishop Scicluna has come out with a surprising – and clearly heterodox – statement according which the introduction of same-sex “civil unions”, which would give legal status and privilege to those consistently engaging is sodomy, should be supported by the Church as it would be a “service to the dignity of these people.” Really? The service that a true pastor should offer his flock to lead them away, and protect them, from sin.

The Socialist-led Maltese Government, which was re-elected this week despite a series of scandals, is preparingto introduce within weeks homosexual “marriage” legislation.

Churches meet Maltese EU Presidency to discuss EU migration policy and social inclusion

243854-740xnoneOn Friday 6 January, the Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Joseph Muscat, and other Maltese Government ministers met with representatives of Europe’s Christian Churches at the start of the six-month Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The meeting was convened to discuss the priorities of the Maltese Presidency including migration, neighbourhood policy, and social inclusion. Continue reading “Churches meet Maltese EU Presidency to discuss EU migration policy and social inclusion”

European Parliament seeks to declare abortion a ‘right’ what has become a ritual, the European Parliament will today debate its non-binding annual Report on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union in 2015. Once again, this so-called ‘Own Initiative Report’, which has no legal status, claims that EU citizens have a ‘right’ to abortion, something not found in any international legally-binding human rights document. The EP is due to vote on the offending report on Tuesday 13 December Continue reading “European Parliament seeks to declare abortion a ‘right’”

Malta bans help for sufferers of unwanted same-sex attraction Maltese Parliament passed a law on 5 December that threatens fines and prison sentences on counsellors or psychiatrists who try to help people fighting same-sex attraction. Malta, which is due to take over the rotating EU Council Presidency on 1 January is seeking to prove its “European credentials” by introducing this draconian law inspired by  gender ideology. Continue reading “Malta bans help for sufferers of unwanted same-sex attraction”

France wants to use “development aid” policy to promote abortion world-wide

According to a report on EurActiv France, the French government is working hard to establish a common EU position before the next Foreign Affairs Council meeting on 26 May. Pressure is being put on governments like Malta, Hungary, and Poland, who do not think that the killing of babies is conducive to better maternal health or to social and economic development. Continue reading “France wants to use “development aid” policy to promote abortion world-wide”