A list of shame: 9 MEPs publicly support Planned Parenthood’s trade with baby organs

Thomson-ReutersA-sign-is-pictuIt is absolutely astounding how the dangerous ideology called “Feminism” makes some of its disciples completely blind for reality and oblivious of the most basic precepts of decency. Continue reading


European Parliament: while pro-life exhibition is deemed “too controversial”, IPPF is welcome

Screen-shot-2013-04-05-at-1.52.54-PMStrange double standards seem to be prevailing at the European Parliament. While a photo exhibition seeking to draw attention to the sad reality of abortion, the main cause of death in Europe for people below 65, was not allowed to take place because it was deemed “too controversial” and “provocative”, there is apparently nothing that would prevent the world’s biggest baby-butchering business, Planned Parenthood,  from organizing an event on the Parliament’s premises.

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Noichl Report passes only narrowly in EP

noichl voteThe controversial Noichl Report has been adopted in today’s EP plenary session with a rather narrow majority of 341 against 281 votes with 81 abstentions. In other words, the report did not receive the support of a majority of the currently 751 MEPs.

Although the text has been – formally speaking – “adopted”, it has no binding legal effect and, given that actually a majority of MEPs did not vote for it, it is unlikely that the “strategy” it outlines will actually be followed.

Vietnam: woman has 18 abortions until at last she is pregnant with a boy

Vietnam-640x480LifeNews.com has this truly unbelievable story about a woman who has aborted 18 girls until at last she was pregnant with a boy. Although gendercide is most prevalent in rural zones of Asia, where there is a strong social pressure on women to give birth to male heirs, it is a problem everywhere in the world, including in Europe. Most abnormously, in Sweden the  courts have explicitly ruled that women have the “right” to use abortion as a means of selecting the sex of their children. Continue reading

More than 85.000 have already said NO to Noichl

At the time of writing, the on-line petition against the controversial Noichl Report has already been signed by 87.559 signatures. Each signature triggers an e-mail that is addressed to each MEP. By now, MEPs must be aware that citizens don’t want a report on equality to promote abortion, “gay rights” propaganda, sex education at nursery schools, or the creation of specific university curricula to promote the un-scientific “gender theory”…