At last only pro-aborts will pay for abortions…

abortion-procedures-de-levatino-forceps-naf-672x372-659x372In what must be one of the most ridiculous hypocrisies in recorded history, European feminists and their supporters in politics and media are now calling for donations for the world-wide abortion industry, to compensate it for the US administration’s decision to stop the funding of abortions.

The sinister initiative, which runs under the name of “She Decides” will hold a fundraising event in Brussels on 2 March. Continue reading

Dutch minister wants to compensate abortion-industry for loss of US funding

ploumen-wil-abortus-maatregel-trump-teniet-doenThis promise, if made real, could become very expensive for taxpayers in the Netherlands. The country’s minister for foreign aid, Lilianne Ploumen, has announced that her country wants to compensate abortionists world-wide for the pecuniary losses they are expected to suffer as a consequence of US President Donald Trump’s decision to unfund them. The total savings for US budget achieved through this measure are estimated to amount ca. 600 million US$ per year.  Continue reading

Dutch government proposes notorious perverter of human rights for appointment as ECtHR judge

rick-lawson-lrThe Governments of the Netherlands and Georgia have each submitted to the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) lists with three proposals for their respective ECtR Judges. The Government of Hungary is due to do the same in the coming days. Then it will be for PACE to pick one candidate from each of the lists.

While we will not comment on the qualities of the other contenders, we would note that one of the candidates proposed by the Dutch Government, Professor Rick Lawson of Leiden University, has an egregious record of contributing to the ideologically biased intentional misinterpretation of human rights. Continue reading

Netherlands hold a referendum on the EU … and the winner is Putin!

12672137_1002900846412655_8555317252627044370_o1The degree of idiocy and sheer meanness that currently seems to be prevailing in European politics is truly astounding. If this goes on, then the days of the European Union are counted. And despite the EU’s many shortcomings, this is no reason to rejoice.

The Netherlands have some time last year enacted a new law that makes it mandatory to hold a referendum on new EU legislation if it is so required by a citizen initiative who collects a certain number of signatures. Immediately after the enactment of this new law the extreme right-wing Partij voor de Vrijhijd looked out for an occasion to test this new instrument, and found … the EU’s new Association Agreement with Ukraine. The referendum was held yesterday, and 62% of participants voted against the ratification of the Agreement. The required quorum of 30% of the electorate was narrowly surpassed.

This Agreement is, however, not one of the countless superfluous and obnoxious interferences of the Brussels bureaucracy with the tranquil lives of ordinary citizens, but it actually is one of the most positively useful and important political acts the EU has achieved in the course of the last five or ten years. And indeed, even the Dutch right-wingers who launched the citizens initiative to prevent it from being ratified candidly stated that they had nothing in particular against this Agreement, nor against Ukraine, but intended their political action as a form of protest against the EU in general.

This is sheer political vandalism. We have no other word for it. Continue reading