CoE´s “Human Rights Commissioner” wants Ireland to cancel unborn children´s right to life

The Council of Europe’s “Human Rights Commissioner” Nils Muižnieks (a former director of the Soros Foundation) has claimed that Ireland’s 2013 Abortion Act is still too restrictive and has a “chilling” effect on doctors who must decide who meets its requirements.

Mr Muižnieks made his criticisms of Ireland’s abortion law in a report covering a range of human rights issues in Ireland. Continue reading


CoE Human Rights Commissioner misuses his mandate, pushes for controversial sodo-“marriages”

phpthumb_generated_thumbnailNils Muižnieks, the current “Human Rights Commissioner” of the Council of Europe, misuses the prestige, the resources, and easy access to the media that are associated with his function to promote the legal recognition of same-sex “marriages” between sodomites, an issue for which very obviously he holds no mandate. He is doing so on the basis of spurious claim that sodomite-“marriage” is a “human right” awaiting to be discovered.

Here is his grotesque “Human Rights Comment”, published on the Council of Europe’s website. Continue reading

European Parliament: LIBE Committee to hold hearing on Fundamental Rights

The European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) will conduct a public hearing on “the situation of Fundamental Rights in the EU” next Monday at 3pm. The meeting can be watched live on the European Parliament’s website.

The composition of the panels lets us expect the worst. Nevertheless, it will be a good occasion for our readers to have a closer look at how the political left is able to fill the term “fundamental rights” with content that ordinary citizens would never imagine. In particular, much of the programme serves the apparent purpose propagandizing the conferral of new powers to the institutions involved. Continue reading