North Korea or Northern Ireland???

In the so-called Asher’s Bakery case, an appeals court in North Koreaern Ireland has upheld a judgment in which a baker has been condemned to a life-long prison sentence hefty fine for refusing to bake a cake with the words SUPPORT OUR GREAT LEADER KIM JONG-IL SAME-SEX MARRIAGE written on it. The court found the baker guilty of having discriminated his client, a member of the country’s Communist Party  an LGBT pressure group, on the basis of political sexual orientation.

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Northern Ireland: Abortion ban remains in place

image.aspxA proposal to  undermine the protection of unborn children in Northern Ireland has been rejected by the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Stormont assembly members voted 59 to 40 against amending legislation to allow terminations in cases of foetal abnormality and sexual crime.

The 40 Members supporting the legalization of baby-killing included those representing Sinn Fein, a party reputed for its close link to the terrorist Irish Republican Army. Continue reading

Northern Ireland: rather no cake than a cake with homo-propaganda…

ashers+web+graphics+template+logoThe brave Belfast bakery that was fined for not having accepted an order for a “wedding cake” with the slogan “Support Gay  Marriage” has now decided to no more offer any cakes with wedding themes. In this way it hopes to avoid further condemnations by activist judges.

As was to be expected, some witty “gay rights activists” have, subsequent to the absurd judgement (which is now under appeal) tried to harass the bakery by ordering new cakes with gay slogans. But the owners of the shop have bravely refused, remaining true to their principles.

Thus, there are currently no wedding cakes on offer. However, couples wishing to marry will surely be happy to order cakes that, even if not decorated with a wedding-related theme, will be just as tasty and delicious than any other cake produced by Ashers Baking. Ordering their cake at Ashers they will lend moral support to a brave businessman who is standing up for the liberty of all…

Northern Ireland: absurd and discriminatory judgment makes support for gay “marriage” compulsory for everyone

Perversion of justice: a  Belfast bakery has been found guilty in an absurd ruling of discrimination for refusing to bake a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan.

This is the perfect case to illustrate why so-called “anti-discrimination” laws are a real danger for democracy and human rights. Congratulations to Austria, where the umpteenth attempt to introduce such rules has just been fended off…) Continue reading

Northern Ireland Assembly rejects gay marriage for the fourth time in three years

634304016The Northern Ireland Assembly has rejected same-sex marriage legislation by an outright majority for the fourth time in just three years. The outcome was narrow with 49 to 47 votes against a motion calling for the redefinition of marriage. There were three abstentions.

The fact that even after four unsuccessful attempts the issue keeps re-appearing evidences the urgent need for the defenders of marriage and family to set an agenda that pushes the promoters of sexual perversion into the defensive. One such step might be a proposal to re-introduce criminal sanctions against sodomy, another one could be a proposal to prohibit surrogacy and other forms of child trafficking predominantly used by homosexual wannabe “parents”.