EP watchdog accuses Martin Schulz of breaching EU staff regulations

The former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, currently SPD candidate for German Chancellor, has been accused in Parliament’s Budget Control Committee of seeking to abuse his power to promote some of his cronies in breach of EU staff regulations. Continue reading “EP watchdog accuses Martin Schulz of breaching EU staff regulations”


EU anti-fraud agency OLAF to investigate Martin Schulz

european-union-parliament-head-martin-schulz-criticised-for-excessive-expenses-spending-610119The independent anti-fraud body of the EU, known by its French acronym OLAF, has confirmed that it is examining the fraud allegations against former European Parliament President Martin Schulz. The accusations, which first surfaced in the German magazine Der Spiegel, concern the misuse of EP funds and employment contracts for political purposes. Continue reading “EU anti-fraud agency OLAF to investigate Martin Schulz”

Greens call for fraud investigation of Martin Schulz

6a00e009865ae588330168e7691fac970cThe Greens in the European Parliament are seeking a thorough investigation of former EP President Martin Schulz, following the accusations of massive fraud of EU funds which emerged in German media last weekend. Current Parliament Vice President, Ulrike Lunacek,  Green Party member from Austria, has called upon the Parliament authorities to launch an official investigation into the affair. Continue reading “Greens call for fraud investigation of Martin Schulz”