Panzeri-Report: European Parliament out of sync with its electorate

There are days on which one cannot but congratulate citizens that the European Parliament does not have more power than it currently has, and that much of its output is without practical relevance. Such a day was today when, despite a massive and unprecedented mobilization of 160.000 citizens asking them to vote against the so-called Panzeri Report on human rights or at least to ensure that some of the most controversial contents be removed from it, a majority of MEPs raised their hands in favour of a disingenuous and ill-conceived paper that undermines human rights rather than strengthening them. Continue reading “Panzeri-Report: European Parliament out of sync with its electorate”


Citizens protest against Tarabella’s and Panzeri’s attempts to fabricate a “right to abortion”

30A non-legislative initiative report that even prior to its adoption causes more than 60.000 citizens to write a protest e-mail is certainly a remarkable, albeit negative, achievement for the European Parliament. This is now happening for the second time to a report on equality between men and women drafted by the Belgian Socialist MEP Marc Tarabella, who is trying to represent a “right to abortion” as a pre-condition for such equality.

Already in January, there was an on-line petition to the EP that was signed by more than 60.000 citizens to protest against the FEMM Committee’s approbation of the draft. Now, in view of the report being voted in Plenary next week, there is a second petition, which in just the few days has collected more than 70.000 signatures – this time not only against the Tarabella Report, but also against the “Panzeri Report” on human rights and democracy in the world in 2013, which also seeks to introduce the absurd notion of a “right to abortion”. Continue reading “Citizens protest against Tarabella’s and Panzeri’s attempts to fabricate a “right to abortion””

The Panzeri Report is “an insult to Croatian citizens and to democracy”

cimg05921U ime obitelji (In the Name of the Family), the Croatian civil society organization that in 2013 mobilized citizens to vote in favour of a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, has reacted to MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri’s draft “Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy” in which, among other aberrances, the legal recognition of same-sex “marriages” is treated as something akin to a human right, while the outcome of the Croatian referendum is “condemned”.

In a communication that was adressed to all Members of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs (AFET) Committee, which is going to vote on this draft on Monday, the group recalls that “family policy and the definition of marriage fall within the jurisdiction of European Union member states“and that “the European Parliament, as an institution of the European Union, does not have the jurisdiction to ‘welcome’ or ‘encourage’ in the member states legal norms concerning marriage”. Furthermore, it points out that the redefinition of marriage (as including same-sex “marriage”) in Mr. Panzeri’s draft has no basis at all in international or EU law, but in fact stands in glaring contradiction to both.  Continue reading “The Panzeri Report is “an insult to Croatian citizens and to democracy””

European Parliament: Yet another preposterous attempt to frame Sodomy as “human right”

The sodomy-lobby in the European Parliament continues its efforts to get texts adopted in which sodomy is a human right. The newest attempt is the Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2013 and the European Union’s policy on the matter drafted by Pier Antonio Panzieri, a socialist MEP from Italy, which inter alia contains the following statements: Continue reading “European Parliament: Yet another preposterous attempt to frame Sodomy as “human right””