March for Life 2017 in Romania: 110,000 participants in 138 cities

The cities with the biggest turnout were Bacău (10,000 participants), Oradea (11,000 participants) and Bucharest (8,000 participants).

Compared to the 2016 edition, the number of organizing cities has risen by 26% (in 2016 the march took place in 110 cities), while the number of participants has risen by almost 50% (in 2016 there were around 75,000 participants in total). Continue reading

“Rule of Law” – The EU’s strange silence on Romania

protest-am-donnerstagabend-inFor quite a while now, representatives of the EU and its institutions have relentlessly expressed their “concern” over the political situation in Hungary and Poland, accusing the respective governments of undermining what is vaguely described as the “rule of law”.

Given these antecedents, it is astonishing to observe that the current situation in Romania does not seem to trigger any such concerns.

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CJEU asked for preliminary ruling on sodo-“marriages”

slide_225388_957607_freeThe Romanian Constitutional Court has announced that it will refer questions to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the case of a same-sex couple who wish to be recognised as spouses in Romania.

The Constitutional Court will seek clarification on whether a same-sex couple, “married” in Belgium, is entitled to be recognised as “spouses” in Romania by way of application of the EU Directive on family reunification with a EU citizen.  Continue reading

Romania: 3 million signatures in support of pro-family constitutional amendment officially registered

f4a5c-coalitiaThe impressive outcome of the popular initiative to amend the Romanian constitution in order to clarify that marriage is between one man and one woman has today officially been registered in the country’s National Assembly. This triggers a legislative procedure to amend the constitution, in the course of which the proposal will have to find the support of 2/3 of the members in both parliamentary chambers. It is anticipated that Romanian politicians will get a lot of pressure from abroad, notably from the EU institutions, to withhold their support for a clarification that enjoys very strong support within the population.

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Homo-lobby has no arguments – except brutish force

12593871_1700709286810178_6899798236133150846_o1“Outraged” by the fact that citizens have dared to use their democratic right  to launch a petition in support of a constitutional amendment that supports marriage and family, a group of hooligans with sexual orientation problems has vandalized a signature collection stand on Bucharests Unirii square and then put a report on the internet in which they boast about this criminal act.

Having no rational arguments to defend their cause, it is typical for the militant homo-lobby to use intimidation and physical violence against their opponents.

Yet another reason for many Romanians to support the proposed amendment. The collection of signatures has in the meanwhile been stopped long before the official term, with more than 2.8 million statements of support (instead the required 500.000) having been collected within just a few weeks.