Alleged torturing of homosexuals in Chechnya is fake news, prominent US human rights expert says

d9ccedf1-d3a1-4b62-a4ad-a9a997f06f31_w1023_r1_sThere is absolutely no doubt among international human rights experts that the human rights situation is Chechnya, a Republic located on the northern side of the Caucasus that belongs to the Russian Federation, is generally very dire. Nevertheless, allegations concerning the torturing and murdering of homosexuals that have been widely spread by the Russian Newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” are very probably fake news, according to renowned Harvard Professor Bruce Leimsidor. Continue reading


ECtHR condemns Russia to compensate terror victims …. but on what basis exactly?

In today’s Chamber judgment in the case of Tagayeva and Others v. Russia , the ECtHR ordered Russia to pay compensation of 3 million Euro to 409 Russian nationals who had either been taken hostage and/or injured in the incident, or are family members of those taken hostage, killed or injured. They made allegations of a range of failings by the Russian State in relation to the attack. Continue reading

The European Human Rights Court once again pushes for a “Right to a Child”

pic-7The notoriously spun-out-of-control European Human Rights Court has yet again issued an astonishing judgment in which it pushes forward, in incremental steps, towards the creation of a “right to a child”.

In the case of A.H. and others v. Russia the Court had to deal with the claims of a group of American applicants whose procedures to adopt children in Russia had come to an abrupt end when the Russian Federation – reacting to the fact that the US now allow same-sex couples to adopt children – suddenly adopted a new law that barred Americans from adopting Russian children. The Court concluded that this abrupt end of the adoption proceedings, which had already reached a fairly advanced stage, constituted a breach of Art. 14 in conjunction with Art. 8 of the European Human Rights Convention, i.e. a “discrimination with regard to the right to respect of the private and family lives” of the applicants.

This finding implies that there is a “Right to Adopt a Child” enshrined somewhere in the Convention, which is of course wrong. Continue reading

Pope & Patriarch, a postscript

ArticleImages_41483_sheva2Some days ago, we posted a comment on the first-time ever meeting between the Pope and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch.

Our view on the joint document that was signed during the meeting was, and still is, very positive regarding what is said on marriage and the family. Upon a more careful second reading, however, we feel we must express a more critical view with what the document says about the situation in Ukraine. Continue reading

The ECtHR itself is to blame for its loss of authority…

224657The ECtHR judgments that we are criticizing on this blog are certainly not the same that the Russian or, respectively, the UK Government are refusing to accept. However, there is a common theme: through a long series of ill-founded rulings, which obviously were in line neither with the wording of the Human Rights Convention, nor with any soundly argued moral principle, the Strasbourg Court has undermined itself. Continue reading