Italy: activist judges subvert law to legalize adoption by sodomite couples

Once again we have reason to note that the biggest danger for the Rule of Law emanates from judges – from activist judges.

In Florence, the Tribunale dei Minorenni has issued a decision according which the adoption of a child by a same-sex couple in England must automatically be recognized in Italy, where the law does not (yet) allow two sodomites to play “family”. According to the decision, which however has been appealed, Italy is obliged to recognize the English act of adoption, because the latter “is not in contradiction to the public order in Italy”.

This is patent nonsense, and there is no doubt that the judges are fully aware of this. Continue reading “Italy: activist judges subvert law to legalize adoption by sodomite couples”


In contempt of democracy, new law on sodo-“partnerships” is forced upon Slovenia

gaystapoSame-sex civil partnerships (and not, as Politico and other media falsely report, “marriages”) between sodomites have become legal in Slovenia, with a law coming into effect today that gives the mock “marriages” of sodomites largely the same status as to the future-ensuring genuine marriages, which are those between one man and one woman.

This law was adopted by the Slovenian Parliament in a truly provocative show of arrogance against the will of citizens, who in a referendum held in December 2015 had, with a clear majority of 63% v. 37% rejected this indecent “reform” project. The 2015 referendum was already the second popular vote on the subject, with a referendum held in 2012 leading to the same outcome. Continue reading “In contempt of democracy, new law on sodo-“partnerships” is forced upon Slovenia”

Claims about “no differences” between same-sex and opposite-sex households are bogus science

mark-regnerusWhen US Professor Mark Regnerus, a renowned social researcher from the United States, in 2012 published his study on the risks for children who are raised and educated same-sex couples, he immediadetely became the target of a world-wide defamation campaign by the powerful LGBT lobby. As it appeared, questioning the myth of there being “no difference” between children growing up in healthy families and children growing up with homosexual couples was a crime against political correctness that could not go unpunished.

Regnerus has nevertheless stood his ground. And he has now published a short paper in which he explains how the alleged “scientific consensus”  that there are no differences in outcomes for children living in same-sex households “arises from how scholars collect, analyze, and present data to support a politically expedient conclusion, not from what the data tend to reveal at face value.” In short: first there was the political desire to legitimize the LGBT agenda, and then there came the bogus “research” that seemed to provide such legitimation.

Same-sex “parenting” makes children suffer

297ea85f-34b6-4676-9d12-3b7f1d302a50-2060x1236In the first study to examine children raised by same-sex parents into early adulthood, Prof. Paul Sullins showed that problems like depression and obesity appear to a greater degree than in the general population.

Same-sex parented adults were almost twice as likely to be obese (72% compared to 37% of the comparison group). This high prevalence is related to previous studies showing higher incidence of obesity in lesbians compared to their female cohort, Sullins says. Continue reading “Same-sex “parenting” makes children suffer”

Portugal: Left-wing majority delivers innocent children into the hands of abortionists and sodomites

041009_GayParents_hd.hmediumThe veto of President Anibal Cavaco Silva could only delay, but not prevent the adoption of two profoundly evil laws by the left-wing government currently ruling Portugal. One of the new laws liberalizes abortion, whereas the others makes it possible for same-sex couples to create artificial “families” through the adoption of children. Continue reading “Portugal: Left-wing majority delivers innocent children into the hands of abortionists and sodomites”