In contempt of democracy, new law on sodo-“partnerships” is forced upon Slovenia

gaystapoSame-sex civil partnerships (and not, as Politico and other media falsely report, “marriages”) between sodomites have become legal in Slovenia, with a law coming into effect today that gives the mock “marriages” of sodomites largely the same status as to the future-ensuring genuine marriages, which are those between one man and one woman.

This law was adopted by the Slovenian Parliament in a truly provocative show of arrogance against the will of citizens, who in a referendum held in December 2015 had, with a clear majority of 63% v. 37% rejected this indecent “reform” project. The 2015 referendum was already the second popular vote on the subject, with a referendum held in 2012 leading to the same outcome. Continue reading

EU Member States are NOT obliged to introduce or recognize Sodo-“marriage”, EU Court confirms

91645ac327In the judgement it delivered today in the case of  David L. Parris v. Trinity College Dublin, the CJEU has (once more) confirmed that:

The Member States are … free to provide or not provide for marriage for persons of the same sex, or an alternative form of legal recognition of their relationship, and, if they do so provide, to lay down the date from which such a marriage or alternative form is to have effect.

As a matter of consequence, it found that the fact that Dublin’s Trinity College does not provide for a widower’s pension for the surviving part of a same-sex couple living in a registered “civil partnership” concluded in the UK is not a “discrimination” on the grounds of sexual orientation and/or age.

Italy caves in to homo-ideology

483x309With 372 against 51 votes (and 99 abstentions) the Italian Parliament has adopted a law creating the possibility for same-sex couples with perverse sexual inclinations to conclude so-called “civil unions” that are assimilated, albeit not equal, to marriage.

Italy was until now the last major country in Western Europe not to have caved in, in some way or the other, to the demands of the fashionable homo-lobby that society should recognize their sexual perversions as worthy of celebration, legal protection, and possibly fiscal privilege. Continue reading

Homo activist pretends he is fighting for children’s rights

There is apparently no level of hypocrisy that homo-activists are going to shirk away from when it comes to find new arguments for their so-called “marriage equality”.

Helmut Graupner, a homosexual attorney from Austria who has in recent years been particularly successful in bringing complaints to the European Human Rights Court that provided the pretext for the ECtHR’s absurd and legally unfounded judicial activism on new homo-rights, is at it again. This time he has filed a complaint to the Regional Administrative Court of Upper Austria on the grounds that a female same-sex couple he represents have not received a marriage licence. He hopes that the Administrative Court will use this as a pretext to request the Constitutional Court to declare unconstitutional the law according which only a man and a woman can marry. Continue reading

Italian Senate votes for homo-unions (without adoption, without mutual commitments, but with tax privileges)

alfano-renzi-1-707831Even a small step into a wrong direction is a step into the wrong direction.

There is therefore no reason to rejoice in the fact that the silly “civil unions” law that the Italian Senate has approved today is much less bad than its authors originally intended. On the contrary, there is reason to believe that a more determined – resistance in particular by the Church hierarchy, but also by politicians describing themselves as Catholic, might have averted the approval of this legislative abnormity even in its watered-down form. As it appears, the destroyers of society and culture have today made another step forward, and as they progress, they will continue believing that history is on their side. Continue reading

“Family Day”, Rome: 2 million citizens rally against re-definition of marriage and family

161227434-f8d57176-7939-48e7-858c-8bb10672d0bdA clear message to Matteo Renzi: don’t fool around with marriage and family. At the time of writing this, around two million citizens are manifesting their peaceful protest against the Italian government’s intention to legally recognize “civil unions” between homosexual partners, a measure that would constitute a first step towards the recognition of same-sex “marriages”.

The participation in this manifestation is impressive for a country with around 55 million inhabitants: it means that 1 out of each 25 Italians is present at the Circo Massimo, even though many had to travel several hundreds of miles (which demonstrates their strong motivation to stand up for something that s very important to them). One may safely conclude that this rally evidences a strong disapproval of wide swathes of Italian society against the government’s attempt to deconstruct  the institutions that form the basis of a healthy society. Continue reading