Cuba: people get to choose between Communism and Sodomism

23cuba-reforms1-jumboIn what is presented to the world as an important step towards “democratization”, Cuba’s communist government has drafted a new Constitution, in which any explicit reference to Communism is missing. The draft omits a clause from the current, 42-year-old Constitution laying out the goal of building a “communist society,” but instead includes a reference to …. sodo-“marriage”, defining marriage as a “union between two persons”.

The draft will be put to a scam referendum later this year in order to provide for an appearance of legitimacy. In order to get rid of the defunct ideology of Communism, the Cuban people will have to accepting the novel ideology of Sodomism. The option of having a Constitution without Communism and without Sodomy is not available.

This is unsurprising, given that the purpose is mere window-dressing. Communists, reformed Communists, and ex-Communists have been at the forefront  of promoting Sodomism all over Europe and the US. The regime is hoping that, embracing the new ideology that is currently holding sway in many Western countries, it will be accepted as “democratic” by those countries without any need for real change.


Central Europe: Church leaders oppose CJEU ruling on “LGBT rights”

rainbow.jpgCatholic leaders in central Europe vowed to uphold church teachings on marriage after Europe’s highest court ruled same-sex married couples should have residence rights in all countries. Continue reading “Central Europe: Church leaders oppose CJEU ruling on “LGBT rights””

ECtHR confirms: homo-partnerships are only for homosexuals (and, implicitly, marriage is only for man and woman)

52a2c6b111d3dc6463ae3504c5138034-e1435241982736The ECtHR’s decision in the case of Ratzenböck and Seydl v. Austria has become final. With this decision, the Court had decided that legislation that reserves access to so-called civil partnerships” to homosexual couples and access to marriage to heterosexual couples did not constitute discrimination. It therefore turned down the application of a different-sex couple from Austria who had wanted to conclude a “civil partnership”. Continue reading “ECtHR confirms: homo-partnerships are only for homosexuals (and, implicitly, marriage is only for man and woman)”

Bermuda is the world’s first country to abolish sodo-“marriage”

bermuda-5__00Yes, it is possible! The trend towards legalized sodo-“marriage” is not irreversible; social development is not a one-way road into decadence and moral corruption.

The tiny Caribbean  nation of Bermuda is the first country in the world were legalized sodo-“marriage”, which had been imposed on the unwilling nation by the arrogant and preposterous judicial fiat of  its Supreme Court in May 2017, is repealed.  Continue reading “Bermuda is the world’s first country to abolish sodo-“marriage””

Inter-American Court of Human Rights sodomizes international law

Monkey-JudgeIn the last years we have already seen a number of extreme and deliberate mis-interpretations of constitutional or international human rights law in order to promote abortion, euthanasia, child-trafficking, and sodomy. This is how cultural wars are fought: the aggressor (in this case the sodomy-cum-baby-slaughtering lobby) occupies the hills and then starts to fire missiles from above…

This strategy, which takes entire legal systems as its hostage was most notoriously successful at the US Supreme Court (with decisions such as Roe v. Wade on abortion and Obergefell on sodo-“marriage”), where one judge famously said that “you don’t imagine what five people can do when they happen to be Supreme Court Justices”, referring to the seemingly unlimited power the judiciary enjoys in the US. Mor recent examples include the Austrian Constitutional Court, which sought to impose the legalization of sodo-“marriage” precisely at the moment when it became clear that there was no parliamentary majority for it, or the CJEU, which seems to be preparing a similar attempt. But no case of counter-legal, illegal, or even criminal judicial activism has so far been as extreme as this week’s decision by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, through which the attempt is made to oblige all Latin American countries to legalize sodomy, sodo-“marriage”, and polygamy – all in one decision. Continue reading “Inter-American Court of Human Rights sodomizes international law”

Future leader(?) of German Christian Democrats is now sodo-“married”

hochzeit-auf-dem-schloss.jpgAccording to German press reports, Jens Spahn (right) has now “married” his male “partner”, Daniel Funke (left).

Jens Spahn is one of the few politicians within the German Christian Democratic Union, whom mass media consider a possible successor of Angela Merkel, should she – in the wake of her electoral defeat in September 2017, and as a result of her difficulties in forming a new government – decide to step down. Continue reading “Future leader(?) of German Christian Democrats is now sodo-“married””