In contempt of democracy, new law on sodo-“partnerships” is forced upon Slovenia

gaystapoSame-sex civil partnerships (and not, as Politico and other media falsely report, “marriages”) between sodomites have become legal in Slovenia, with a law coming into effect today that gives the mock “marriages” of sodomites largely the same status as to the future-ensuring genuine marriages, which are those between one man and one woman.

This law was adopted by the Slovenian Parliament in a truly provocative show of arrogance against the will of citizens, who in a referendum held in December 2015 had, with a clear majority of 63% v. 37% rejected this indecent “reform” project. The 2015 referendum was already the second popular vote on the subject, with a referendum held in 2012 leading to the same outcome. Continue reading


Referendum in Slovenia: children’s rights win a landslide victory over homo-“marriage”

A tremendous victory of direct democracy over an aloof political caste, a triumph of children’s rights over the homo-agenda: in Slovenia’s referendum on a law that would have introduced same-sex “marriage”, well over 63% of participants have voted NO, less than 37% have voted YES. The bill, which had been adopted by the National Assembly with 51 to 28 votes in March, will not enter into force. Continue reading

Soros-owned “Human Rights Watch” has strange opinions on democracy

Given that Human Rights Watch (HRW) financially depends to more than 50% on the donations  received from George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire turned “philanthropist”, nobody should be surprised that the organisation’s true interest is not to promote anyone’s human rights, but Soros’ social agenda – a misguided Liberalism turned totalitarian. One of Soros’ paramount objectives is the deconstruction of the basic unit of society, i.e. marriage and family. This is why he is such a staunch supporter of homo-“marriage”. And this is why HRW supports homo-“marriage”, too.

As it appears, HRW are very uncomfortable with the idea that normal citizens should have the opportunity to have a say on this matter. In view of the upcoming marriage referendum in Slovenia the organization bemoans that “marriage equality is under threat”, and then it goes on:

“The rights of a minority, particularly to equality, shouldn’t be subject to removal by the whim of the majority.”

Now this is an argument that really impresses us by the truly breathtaking degree of its stupidity.  Continue reading

EU big-wigs head to Slovenia to support homo-“marriage”

There is an interesting article on POLITICO on the upcoming marriage referendum in Slovenia, showing once again how same-sex “marriage”, albeit not part of the EU’s competences, is in fact part of a new form of cultural imperialism. It is no wonder then that the entire Slovene EU-jetset (including Commissioner Violeta Bulc, notorious for her rather unusual pre-Commission career as a  a shaman and fire-walker, and MEPs Tanja Fajon and Alenka Bratušek) is supporting the homo-agenda, and it is even less of a surprise that the campaign in favour of homo-“marriage” mainly consists in appealing to some kind of cultural inferiority complex among the electorate, suggesting that it is somehow “backward”, “un-European”, “boorish”, etc., to stand up for the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Continue reading

Slovenia: Referendum to abrogate controversial same-sex “marriage” bill to be held on 20 December

SloveniaThe Slovenian National Assembly has decided that the referendum on same-sex “marriage” will be held on 20 December.

The group called “Za otroke gre” has gathered 40,000 signatures needed to call a popular vote on the controversial bill passed earlier this year in which marriage is defined as “a union between two consenting adults”. The National Assembly’s brazen attempt to ignore the bid was overruled and declared unconstitutional  by a decision of the Constitutional Court last month.

Continue reading

Slovenia: Constitutional Court overrules National Assembly, giving green light for a referendum to cancel new law on homo-“marriage”

ImageHandler.ashxWhat an incredible achievement! Against all odds, and despite having all the country’s mass media and nearly all political parties against them, the Slovene civil society platform Za otroke gre! (“Its for our children!”) has managed to ensure that a referendum will be held that will allow citizens to have their say on the hot button issue of same-sex “marriage”. Continue reading