Catholic Church: in the clutches of sodomite networks

pope_francis_with_cardinal_mccarrick_810_500_75_s_c1.jpgThe abuse crisis in the Catholic Church is reaching a new (even if we abstain from using the term “unprecedented”, given that in the Church’s long history hardly anything is unprecedented) level, with a former nuncio to the US claiming that Pope Francis was fully aware of ex-Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick’s homosexual misconduct at least since June 2013 (i.e. less than three months after his election), but not only failed to take action, but indeed lifted sanctions that had already been imposed against the cardinalatial sex-abuser and made him his adviser on the selection and appointment of future bishops. So far, the Pope has not admitted these damning charges to be true, but he has also not contradicted them. In other words, everyone is free to believe them. Continue reading “Catholic Church: in the clutches of sodomite networks”


Cuba: people get to choose between Communism and Sodomism

23cuba-reforms1-jumboIn what is presented to the world as an important step towards “democratization”, Cuba’s communist government has drafted a new Constitution, in which any explicit reference to Communism is missing. The draft omits a clause from the current, 42-year-old Constitution laying out the goal of building a “communist society,” but instead includes a reference to …. sodo-“marriage”, defining marriage as a “union between two persons”.

The draft will be put to a scam referendum later this year in order to provide for an appearance of legitimacy. In order to get rid of the defunct ideology of Communism, the Cuban people will have to accepting the novel ideology of Sodomism. The option of having a Constitution without Communism and without Sodomy is not available.

This is unsurprising, given that the purpose is mere window-dressing. Communists, reformed Communists, and ex-Communists have been at the forefront  of promoting Sodomism all over Europe and the US. The regime is hoping that, embracing the new ideology that is currently holding sway in many Western countries, it will be accepted as “democratic” by those countries without any need for real change.

Future leader(?) of German Christian Democrats is now sodo-“married”

hochzeit-auf-dem-schloss.jpgAccording to German press reports, Jens Spahn (right) has now “married” his male “partner”, Daniel Funke (left).

Jens Spahn is one of the few politicians within the German Christian Democratic Union, whom mass media consider a possible successor of Angela Merkel, should she – in the wake of her electoral defeat in September 2017, and as a result of her difficulties in forming a new government – decide to step down. Continue reading “Future leader(?) of German Christian Democrats is now sodo-“married””