Spain: bus campaign successful, LGBT-lobby falls into the trap of its own intolerance

klinkA few days ago we reported about a bus campaign in Spain that has been launched to recall the basic facts of life to a population that is getting increasingly confused by the regional government’s promotion of gender-theory. Incredibly, the chief of the Madrid Financial Guard, Jesús Caballero Klink, has now ordered the bus to be confiscated, and opened a criminal investigation for alleged “hate speech” against transsexuals.

The man is apparently not aware of how he is turning himself, together with the intolerant and noisy LGBT pressure-group that is pushing for the investigation, into a laughing stock for the world – which very possibly was one of the hidden objectives of the bus campaign. Continue reading

Spain: bus campaign against gender confusion

c5sb6blwaaehtwf-640x480Responding to government-sponsored efforts by the LGBT-lobby to spread confusion among school children about their sexual identity, a civil society group has launched an information campaign that explains how a look at a person’s sexual organs can help in identifying him or her as a man and a woman. It seems astounding that anyone could draw into question these basic facts of life, or even react aggressively when reminded of them, but then again one should never underestimate the LGBT-lobby’s level of ignorance and denial.  Continue reading

Catalonia: government launches TV ad calling for anonymous denunciations of “homophobes”

homage_to_catalonia__book_cover__by_redamerican1945-daik3s5Inciting anonymous denunciations is typical for a totalitarian regime – but the government of the Spanish region of Catalonia, called the “Generalitat”, is apparently using the same tactics as Stalin to quash opposition against its ideology, which in this case is not Bolshevism, but Homosexualism. It is currently running a TV campaign inviting everyone to anonymously inform the Police of suspected cases of “homophobia”. Continue reading

Free speech under threat: Spanish Cardinal under criminal investigation for saying the truth about the gay agenda

Cardinal-696x365The radical homo-lobby, notoriously short of credible arguments to defend its radical agenda, is desperate to prevent a public debate from taking place. It has therefore filed a criminal complaint for alleged “hare speech” against the Archbishop of Valencia, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, who has said to what everyone knows is the case: “One of the most insidious ideologies in human history and culture is undoubtedly the so-called gender ideology”.

Of course the complaint is completely unfounded. Cardinal Cañizares has simply done what is is duty as a shepherd of souls: he is warning the faithful against a new ideology that is not less dangerous and socially destructive than Nazism and Communism. There is no doubt that the Prosecutor’s office will ultimately dismiss the complaint, just as a similar complaint against a Swiss bishop has recently been dismissed by the judicial authorities in Switzerland. Continue reading

Spain: Socialist Party wants to ban Religion classes from all schools, including private ones

Article main imageThe deep-rooted hatred against religion, and in particular the Catholic Church, continues to characterize the Spanish political left even 75 years after the end of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). As Spain prepares for its general election in December, Pedro Sánchez, the leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), has said that, if elected, his government will ban religion courses from both public and private schools. Continue reading