EU Parliament to censor “hate speech” in the chamber

182905In the final plenary session of 2016, the European Parliament furtively amended its Rules of Procedure to give its President sweeping powers to censor so-called “hate speech” by Members in the Chamber. Outgoing President Martin Schulz had the draconian measure drafted by fellow-socialist MEP Richard Corbett with virtually no consultation of backbench MEPs. Continue reading “EU Parliament to censor “hate speech” in the chamber”


Martin Schulz to introduce same-sex “marriage” in Germany

Evelyne PARADIS, Martin SCHULZ, Juris LAVRIKOVSFormer European Parliament President Martin Schulz, now campaigning to be German Chancellor, is planning to impose same-sex “marriage” in Germany if his SPD party wins the Bundestag elections in September. During his time in Brussels he was close to the extremist LGBT militants and now wants to impose their ideology in Germany. Continue reading “Martin Schulz to introduce same-sex “marriage” in Germany”

EU anti-fraud agency OLAF to investigate Martin Schulz

european-union-parliament-head-martin-schulz-criticised-for-excessive-expenses-spending-610119The independent anti-fraud body of the EU, known by its French acronym OLAF, has confirmed that it is examining the fraud allegations against former European Parliament President Martin Schulz. The accusations, which first surfaced in the German magazine Der Spiegel, concern the misuse of EP funds and employment contracts for political purposes. Continue reading “EU anti-fraud agency OLAF to investigate Martin Schulz”

EU Parliament anti-fraud chief to open investigation of Martin Schulz Chair of the European Parliament’s powerful Budgetary Control Committee, Ingeborg Grässle, has vowed to open an official investigation into the accusations of fraud surrounding former EP President Martin Schulz. The scandal which was revealed by German weekly Der Spiegel on Saturday, was compounded by further revelations by UK newspaper the Sunday Times today. Continue reading “EU Parliament anti-fraud chief to open investigation of Martin Schulz”