Welcome inclusion of girl with Down Syndrome in “Portrait of Britain” exhibition

2115In its recent photography exhibition, Portrait of Britain, displayed throughout the UK high streets, the British Journal of Photography featured a beautiful portrait of Beth Costerton, photographed for ‘This Is Me’, an exhibition of 50 portraits of children who have Down’s syndrome. This is a welcome development at a time when children with Down syndrome are at risk of extinction.

The nationwide exhibition on digital screens in railway stations, shopping centres, high streets and bus stops around the UK was based on a call for photographs that celebrate the UK’s unique heritage and diversity. Of nearly 4000 entries, the British Journal of Photography selected the portraits that capture the diversity of British people. The inclusion of the picture by photographer Andrew Shaylor of a girl with Down syndrome, Beth Costerton, sends a clear signal that such persons are equal members of British society. Continue reading

“Progressive values” – the Guardian’s plea for donations

Like many other newspapers that try to force their ideology on readers rather than informing them, the Guardian is losing readers and, by consequence, revenues. But it seems that this is not going to lead to a change in the editorial line (for example to be more factual and less opinionated). Instead, the editors have chosen to use the unexpected outcome of the US elections as an occasion for a rather unusual fundraising campaign: Continue reading

How the UK can remain in

big-ben-620x349Supposedly by now many Brits who have cast a “Leave” vote in Thursday´s Brexit referendum are beginning to realize what they have done to their country, and regretting it. The Pound is plummeting, Scotland is announcing plans for another independence referendum, Northern Ireland is looking into tho option of joining the Irish Republic (a scenario with potential for a civil war!), Spain is trying to use the situation to get control over Gibraltar, and Messrs Schulz and Juncker, the two clowns heading the European Parliament and the European Commission, are telling David Cameron that they want to hold his request to leave the EU in their hands by next Tuesday at the latest.

The good news is that the UK is not obliged to take any orders from Schulz and Juncker.
Continue reading

Relax – the Brexit referendum isn’t binding anyway

56c1d35ac36188fd058b456eThe outcome of tomorrow’s referendum in the UK seems hardly predictable – but given that every possible outcome, ranging from a clear vote in favour of leaving the EU to a clear outcome in favour of remaining, someone surely will have got it right. If the issue were merely one of economic reasonability, the victory of the ‘Remain’ side could not stand in doubt. But decisions such as this one are usually made on emotional rather than other grounds – and it is a fact that the EU is widely and irredeemably unpopular – in the UK and elsewhere. Continue reading

It is important that Britain stays in the EU, gay lobby says…

Ben_Howlett,_2015_hustingsA British MP close to the gay lobby has gone public with an article in which he says that one of the main reasons why Britain should remain in the European Union is that the EU is imposing legislation that favours sodomy in Europe and world-wide:

“Indeed, we should point out that domestic legislation is still not good enough in many EU countries. While great progress has been made on discrimination in employment, for example, other countries still differ on issues like same-sex marriage. Groups such as ILGA-Europe are hugely influential in advocating equal rights in all EU countries. It is because of these strong, united voices that we are able to convince the EU to put anti-discrimination at the heart of its agenda – the European Parliament is now pushing to extend legal recognition of same-sex unions to all EU member states, something I am sure we can all agree is long overdue.”