Netherlands hold a referendum on the EU … and the winner is Putin!

12672137_1002900846412655_8555317252627044370_o1The degree of idiocy and sheer meanness that currently seems to be prevailing in European politics is truly astounding. If this goes on, then the days of the European Union are counted. And despite the EU’s many shortcomings, this is no reason to rejoice.

The Netherlands have some time last year enacted a new law that makes it mandatory to hold a referendum on new EU legislation if it is so required by a citizen initiative who collects a certain number of signatures. Immediately after the enactment of this new law the extreme right-wing Partij voor de Vrijhijd looked out for an occasion to test this new instrument, and found … the EU’s new Association Agreement with Ukraine. The referendum was held yesterday, and 62% of participants voted against the ratification of the Agreement. The required quorum of 30% of the electorate was narrowly surpassed.

This Agreement is, however, not one of the countless superfluous and obnoxious interferences of the Brussels bureaucracy with the tranquil lives of ordinary citizens, but it actually is one of the most positively useful and important political acts the EU has achieved in the course of the last five or ten years. And indeed, even the Dutch right-wingers who launched the citizens initiative to prevent it from being ratified candidly stated that they had nothing in particular against this Agreement, nor against Ukraine, but intended their political action as a form of protest against the EU in general.

This is sheer political vandalism. We have no other word for it. Continue reading “Netherlands hold a referendum on the EU … and the winner is Putin!”


Pope & Patriarch, a postscript

ArticleImages_41483_sheva2Some days ago, we posted a comment on the first-time ever meeting between the Pope and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch.

Our view on the joint document that was signed during the meeting was, and still is, very positive regarding what is said on marriage and the family. Upon a more careful second reading, however, we feel we must express a more critical view with what the document says about the situation in Ukraine. Continue reading “Pope & Patriarch, a postscript”

“Successful Gay Pride” evidences that LGBT is safe but marginal in Ukraine

kiev-prideWhat does it take to turn a “Gay Pride” event, i.e. the public self-exhibition of sodomites and their political supporters, into a success?

This question comes to mind when reading a notice on the website of the European Parliament’s Sodomy Intergroup:

For the second time since 2013, the march for equality took place in Kiev. Over 2000 police officers protected around 300 participants against far right counter demonstrators. Continue reading ““Successful Gay Pride” evidences that LGBT is safe but marginal in Ukraine”

Malofeyev, mala fide?

41The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazyeta has published documents that allegedly have leaked from Russian government sources and from which it transpires that the political crisis currently unfolding in Ukraine is following a script written in the Kremlin. (The Russian original version can be read on Novaya Gazyeta’s website, and an English translation is available here.)

This information may be of interest also for readers of this blog, given that one of the persons who are believed to have been involved in the drafting is Konstantin Malofeyev, a businessman with close links not only to President V. V. Putin, but also to the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

One of Mr. Malofeyev’s less warlike activities is that he presides over the St. Basil the Great Charitable Foundation, which in autumn 2014 funded and hosted the Large Families and the Future of Humanity Forum, a prestigious international conference to promote marriage, the family, and the sanctity of life. Continue reading “Malofeyev, mala fide?”

Italy: Surrogacy agreements are null and void – wannabe “parents” must release child for adoption

fxvvt5o-e1416058741749The supreme instance of the Italian judiciary for civil and criminal matters, the Corte di Cassazione, has issued a landmark decision on surrogacy parenthood.

The decision concerns a couple from Crema (Lombardy), both around 50 years old, who after various unsuccessful attempts of becoming parents through the aid of medically assisted procreation techniques, and after having tried in vain to adopt a child in Italy, decided to use the services of a Ukrainian “surrogacy mom” as the solution of last resort.

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