Greens call for fraud investigation of Martin Schulz

6a00e009865ae588330168e7691fac970cThe Greens in the European Parliament are seeking a thorough investigation of former EP President Martin Schulz, following the accusations of massive fraud of EU funds which emerged in German media last weekend. Current Parliament Vice President, Ulrike Lunacek,  Green Party member from Austria, has called upon the Parliament authorities to launch an official investigation into the affair. Continue reading

Where is the outcry of the anti-discrimination fanatics?

trimmelLast year we reported about an incident in Vienna in which the owner of a café politely asked to women to continue their French kisses and other expressions of mutual sexual attraction elsewhere than on his premises, as the other visitors of the café were not keen on being witnesses of this exchange  of intimacies. Oh horror, two “LGBT persons” had become the victims of “discrimination”! Obviously, this lead to an outcry of the international LGBT-lobby, the vandalization of the entrance of the café, a concerted protest on Facebook, and a big “kiss-in” (which actually took on quite aggressive forms) right in front of the café. And of course, the usual politicians calling for stricter “anti-discrimination” rules. Continue reading

Homo-lobby uses hate speech

A Polish MEP circulates an invitation to celebrate the reconciliation between Poland and Germany. And because the first and decisive step for this reconciliation was the historic exchange of letters between the Polish and the German Catholic Bishops’ Conferences (“We forgive and ask for forgiveness”) in the middle of the cold war, he has invited representatives of two Christian NGOs, FAFCE and ADF International, to speak about the role of NGOs in international relations. The invitation is addressed to all German and Polish MEPs.

As a reaction to this invitation a certain Evert Jacobsen circulates a short e-mail to the same list of addressees, telling them that the two Christian NGOs are “religious extremist organizations, by far not representative of any movement, except a narrow-minded fundamentalist anti-human rights agenda”. He adds his “kind regards”.

Who on earth is this Evert Jacobsen??? Who has ever heard of him? Continue reading

European Parliament: Homo-Flag called off

It is not quite clear whether this is due to timely reporting on this blog, but reliable sources inside the European Parliament say that President Martin Schulz, though sympathizing with the idea, has deciding that hoisting the so-called Rainbow-flag on the Parliament’s premises would be too much of a provocation against all those who have a proper sexual behaviour and are – much to the benefit of all – proper families.

For this year, the Homo-flag is called off, and we hope that next year this proposal will not even be made.

A small victory, but nevertheless a victory.

Why EU Institutions should not fly the Homo-flag

The European Parliament’s Vice-President Ulrike Lunacek and her friends from the “LGBTI Intergroup” have written to EP President Martin Schulz, calling on him to “fly the rainbow flag” on EP buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg on 17/18 May, the so-called “International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia” (IDAHO).

The proposal is contrary to EP protocol, which currently provides that the EU flag, alongside those of the 28 Member States, flies outside all of Parliament’s official buildings in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels. The only time any additional flag is flown is that of the country of a visiting head of state, most recently the Jordanian flag, on the occasion of an official address to plenary by King Abdullah.  Continue reading

Radical anti-lifers join forces: “All of us! Mobilizing for abortion”

A conference entitled “All of us! Mobilizing for abortion rights” will be hosted by radical pro-abortion politicians in the European Parliament as part of an extra effort to mobilize all their forces prior to the upcoming plenary vote on the controversial so-called “Tarabella-Report“.

Following this event on webstream will be of interest also for pro-lifers – in particular those who, not being located in Brussels, might want to familiarize themselves with the main protagonists of the Brussels-based pro-abortion lobby.

The draft conference programme is here. Continue reading