Anti-Trump zealots undermine “equal treatment” laws

636656231615544378-the-red-hen-two.jpgWhite House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders  was asked to leave by the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington by the owner Stephanie Wilkinson, who, as well as citing comments that Sanders had made previously about Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, went on to later explain that various “LGBT+” staff at the restaurant were apprehensive about serving the White House official. Liberal media worldwide are jeering, and praising this “courageous act of opposition”… Continue reading “Anti-Trump zealots undermine “equal treatment” laws”


Boy awakes from coma as parents sign papers to “donate” his organs

nintchdbpict000404081797.jpgIf you have trusted that the diagnosis of “brain death”, which is a pre-condition for the harvesting of human organs for donation, is reliable, think again.

Trenton McKinley’s parents had just signed papers to donate their son’s organs to other children. Doctors had been telling them that their boy was already dead, and that there was a line-up of five children who needed one of his organs.

But then, 13-year-old Terrence moved his hand. He moved his feet. And then he regained consciousness. Continue reading “Boy awakes from coma as parents sign papers to “donate” his organs”