Tidal change at UN Commission on “Women’s Rights”

Thanks to the outcome of last year’s presidential elections the US, which under President Obama was the most radical supporter of baby-slaughtering, is now taking a clear stance in favour of comprehensively protecting human rights, including the right to life, at the United Nations. This suddenly leaves the European Union rather isolated in its absurd attempt to get the deliberate murdering of unborn children recognized as a “women’s right”.

Read the full story in C-Fam’s Friday Fax.

US: reckless judicial activism derails rule of law

There are many reasons to doubt the wisdom of President Trump’s decree restricting immigration from a number of predominantly Muslim countries – both in its initial version of end January and in its revised version. However, the decisions issued by Federal Judges in Hawaii and Maryland yesterday to block the revised decree from coming into force say more about those judges than about the decree. And they undermine the judiciary branch’s credibility  rather than the President’s.  Continue reading

US Supreme Court refuses to hear “strategic” lawsuit on transgender toilet rights

With the legal recognition of same-sex “marriage” having been imposed across the United States by a narrow 5-4 majority of frivolously activist Supreme Court Justices, the LGBT-lobby is now trying its luck to achieve the same with regard to so-called “transgender” rights, the next step in their sinister agenda to dissolve peoples’ true reality in a sauce of newly-discovered “sexual identities”. Quite remarkably, the larmoyant reports (in radically-minded outlets such as the New York Times or the WaPo) about alleged “discriminations ” of self-defined “transgender” persons have multiplied by factor 100 in the year since the Obergefell Decision, which clearly indicates that a media campaign is being waged to prepare the next round of cultural revolutions.

However, the sexual-disorder-lobby’s hopes for a quick victory were quashed last week, when the Supreme Court decided to throw out a major “transgender” lawsuit, sending the case back to a lower federal court. Continue reading

What Donald Trump still needs to learn about the EU…

trump-eu-750x500In his riotous, and therefore quite amusing, press conference last week, US President Trump, among other things, sketched out his intended policy on trade:

Let me list to you some of the things that we’ve done in just a short period of time. I just got here. And I got here with no cabinet. Again, each of these actions is a promise I made to the American people.

I’ll go over just some of them and we have a lot happening next week and in the weeks — in the weeks coming. We’ve withdrawn from the job-killing disaster known as Trans Pacific Partnership. We’re going to make trade deals but we’re going to have one on one deals, bilateral. We’re going to have one on one deals.

So it is not that he wants to have no trade agreements at all, it is that he thinks he will cut better deals when negotiating bilateral rather than regional agreements. Continue reading

Trump scraps Obama’s Toilet-Decree

_89683001_89683000Sanity returns to the sanitary. US President Donald Trump has accomplished another important objective of his presidency, scrapping his pre-decessor’s controversial “Toilet-Decree”, which allowed men to use women’s bathrooms, and vice versa, solely on the basis of a person’s self-ascribed “gender identity”. Critics had described this decree as “post-factual” legislation par excellence, and warned that, creating optimal conditions for voyeurism and sexual assaults, it threatened the privacy and safety of people with normal sexual behaviour..

Liberals in the US are railing.

Trump after one month: he is here to stay.

undefinedWhile in more civilized circumstances a new government is granted a grace period of 100 days in which it may start working without having to expect too much criticism from the opposition and the media, such was not the case with the Trump Administration, which has had to live under a state of siege as from day one. Apparently the Democrats and their allies in the mass media and in Hollywood still find it hard to come to grips with their surprise defeat on 9 November; they somehow seem to believe that, if only they attack him aggressively enough, they may be able to get rid of Trump within just a few weeks. And the European mass media are playing to the tune: if a third-rate reality show celebrity cracks a half witty joke on Trump somewhere on his or her Facebook account, all newspapers will gleefully report it, and if there is so much as a spelling mistake on a dinner card in the White House, we will certainly be informed of it. C’est la guerre à l’outrance. Continue reading

Perfect candidate

31katyalsub-master768Some say that for Donald Trump this was going to be “one of the most important decisions of his term as President”. If that is so, then he has accomplished an important part of his mission already after one week in office. While furor is raging in the media over his decrees on immigration, his pick for the Supreme Court leaves no wishes open: Neil Gorsuch, a man with excellent credentials both as a judge and as an academic, who is generally considered to be a worthy successor to Antonin Scalia both on account of his intellectual capacities and moral integrity. Continue reading